Tuesday, April 22, 2008

French lesson 13 coming up

Just a quick update to let you know I'm working on the next French lesson. I always give a lot of thoughts to what I'm going to be teaching even though I do not work from a script.


Anonymous said...

bonjour remy, i recently started learning french and came across your videos, i wanted to thank you and say you should really ban the hi-tech editing and go back to teaching near your closet...

you used to link to other videos and helpfull aids of learning in your first lessons, so i thought these sites might come in handy:


thank you very much and keep teaching,

Anonymous said...

Oh #*@%!

oops...pardon my French

Esteban Rosas said...

bounjour! Remy tu es nombre un!!
J'apelle Esteban,j'sui mexicain petit americain.
je jois voyez tu videos.
merci beaucoup.
well first of all thanks for all of thing s u r doin, i'm pretty much into languages i love the tutorial u r givin' out in internet and i totally hope u keep doin it!! comment tu le vou??
j'espere bon!! au revoir

Anonymous said...

Are the terms first group verbs,
-er verbs, and regular verbs all synonymous?

Rémy said...

er verbs are known in French as "les verbes du premier groupe". They are all regular with one exception: "aller" (to go). Some regular "er" verbs have some irregularities even though they follow the first group verb rules.

Anjie said...

It has been a while and we have really missed your videos. Looking forward to your next lesson :)!!


artbydonna said...

salut remy,
your lessons are so entertaining- they make learning easier! ( i love watching the progressions as well )

looking forward to number 14.

thank you!!


Rémy said...

Thank you Donna! :)

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