Tuesday, December 9, 2008

French pronunciation

I'd like to thank Diane for recommending this site.
I like the site because you just need to "mouse over" the sounds to hear them. You may want to adjust the volume downward at first. The sounds are accurate and most likely made by native speakers.
Due to the shortness of the sounds it may sound a bit rushed or abrupt but give it a chance. Don't forget to look at the words listed immediately to the right of the sound(s) in question.

Here's Diane's original email to me with the link to the site she recommends:

Bonjour Rémy,

I found a website that illustrate the different French sounds and when you mouse over them, you hear them spoken. The first series is European French and the second series is Canadian. I thought this was so cool. It really helps iron out the differences in pronunciation between the French I hear on my XM radio (Canadian) and the French I hear at school (European French).


It helps with especially the elisions. It's hard to know what to skip over and what to pronounce unless you hear it and practice it a lot. It also helps with listening comprehension, definitely.

Anyway, passez un bon week-end !



Anonymous said...

This is helpful. Thank you. Would you mind, Remy, checking a translation source and providing your opinion on it please. The site is:
It provides textual translations which is easily verifiable but I wonder sometimes about the audio portion--questioning its accuracy. It sounds ok to me but my judgment means nothing really. If it's too much of an imposition to you, no big deal. Thank you.

LilJellyS said...

hi remy!

I go to high school in Canada.

Is it better to learn the Canadian accent or French accent?

Rémy said...

I'd go with the French accent myself as I find it easier to understand.

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