Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Alizée - J'en Ai Marre


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm the one who asked you a question about this song on YouTube. I love this song & her dancing!! lol :) Apparantly it got nicknaked the Night Elf dance, something to do with World of Warcraft??

Anonymous said...

somebody needs to get this chick a pole to wrap up her career...

good judgment jremy7

Rémy said...
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Rémy said...

I agree with the "pole comment" lol :)

oldmanneill said...

your vids have been great...i'm dragging the family to paris for a month over the summer, so i've got 6 months to learn french. thanks for your help...i'm too cheap to buy rosetta stone! :)

Samuel S said...


Longs temps non parle! (I made that up - so it's probably wrong).

Today in school we had a test and it was this phrase, "J'en Ai Marre" which I couldn't remember. It's a shame I didn't see it in the RSS feed!

Samuel S

Rémy said...

Hi there Sam,
In French you might say:

"Ça fait longtemps qu'on ne s'est pas vu"

or just

"Ça fait longtemps"

Samuel S said...

I was close then. ;)

Merci pour t'aide ! (That was also a guess)


Rémy said...

"Merci pour ton aide"


Samuel S said...

I actually put that to begin with but changed it. I thought hmmm it's got an "e" so maybe it is feminine therefore it needs to be "ta" so "ta aide". But then I thought two vowels contract so t'aide.

Is it just generally spelt with an -e?

Donc, merci pour ton aide.

Il est tard ici, donc maintenant je vais aller au lit.

A bientôt,


Daniel said...

Hi Rémy,this is my question:

why she uses "J'en ris" ?

I would say "Je ris".


Rémy said...


L'aide is feminine (La aide)

Rémy said...


"je ris" means "I laugh, I'm laughing"

"J'en ris" means "I laugh from it", "it makes me laugh"

[French doesn't have the English "it" per say]

Anonymous said...

ha ha...a pole! It would add an element of honesty to the "performance" and eliminate the embarrassment of humping air

sorry...I'm bored. I'll get back to my studies now : )

Vinicius said...

Hi Remy!

I'm brazilian and I'm trying to learn a little of your cool language.
Thank you for the lessons and congratulations.

Rummy said...

Hi Remy--
I'm really enjoying your lessons on youtube, so thanks for making them entertaining and manageable. I don't know if you subtitled the soundtrack of "J'en Ai Marre," but if so-- could the text be changed to yellow with a black outline. It's hard to read most of the colors without focusing so much that I'm not listening to the pronunciation as well.
If not, no worries.

Rummy said...

Oh, I forgot to P.S. the following: Have you caught Eddie Izzard's stand up in French? If so, I'd be curious to hear your impression of it since I don't, as yet, understand French (although I love him in English!) Also, are there any genuinely French stand-up comics that I can look up?

Rémy said...

Sorry Rummy,

I'm not responsible for the subtitles on this video :(

Rémy said...

I'm a big fan of Eddy Izzard but I've never seen his act in French.
Plenty of French stand-up comics but as I've not lived in France for over 20 years I'd be hard pressed to recommend one in particular.

Coluche was one of the best.

Anonymous said...

What a skanky freaking slut...why you are featuring this vid is beyond reason. AnonymousSubX FU

kiko said...


Adam said...

agreed with anonymous, she needs a pole

lets get F. Cabrel on here instead

Adam said...

on side note, this could be great for your students pronunciation, Remy


Anonymous said...

Well, i think she's a cute little girl, she looks just like my daughter, except this Alizee' hair is short, my daughter has really long hair, other then that they could be sisters. She's young, let her enjoy herself people, life is short for jealousy. sf

Jalen said...

Hey Rémy, its old sandwich from youtube :)

this is one of the final straws, if you will, that made me decide to take up french. MERCI ALIZÉE

www.alizeeamerica.com for those who are interested in alizée as much as I am ;)

Rémy said...

Hey there Jalen.
Thanks for your comments and messages.

Gabriela said...


Rémy je m'appelle Gabrielle je suis mexicaine et je aprendre le français dans chez moi et je veux dire Merci beacuoup pour ton grand temps j'adore le misique et le français mais est un peu difficil parce que ne sais pa le anglais mais je fais beaucoup de choses pour aprendre le francais,
je te dire dans de mon coeur Merci pour tout je suis heureux de aprendre votre longue, alors bonne jour et ã bientôt au revoir
un bisous

Gabriela said...

Couou!! Rémy
Je m'appelle Gabrielle je suis mexicaine masi je aprendre le fraçais j'amerais aprendre plus
mais je ne parle pas le anglais est un peu difficile pour moi
mais je fais beaucoup de choses ici dans chez moi pour aprendre le français et je veux dire Merci beacoup pour tout j'aime tout ça temps que tu donne a tout les persones jolis qui aprendren le français Merci beaucoup et à bientôt au revoir.

Wanderlust Diaries said...

This song is catchy and the comments crack me up! haha... thanks for posting great tips.

tec0pa said...

Altenative songs from Jacques Brel with both french and english subtitles
"JOJO" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZmCM0uQ1jM
"J'Aimais" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce51EwRNLkA
And more french subtitles songs on http://www.youtube.com/user/lightning494

truthfinder1963 said...

Posting this vid of the barely above age Allizee
prob says something about Remy...

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