Monday, April 13, 2009

Alizee - 2003 interview with english subtitles

Thanks go to Jalen (aka. old sandwich on YouTube) for finding this:

Click on the following links:

Part one

Part two

Lasts a total of 45mn!


Jalen said...

J'aime la musique de Alizée! w00t

Merci beaucoup pour la leçons Français Rémy!

Rémy said...

Deux petites corrections:

Tu aimes la musique d'Alizée


les leçons de français


Jalen said...
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Jalen said...

oh jeez, I really must have been out of it to make those obvious mistakes........

Thank for for the corrections!

Anonymous said...


Jalen said...


Anonymous said...

it seems success based more on a clever marketing strategy rather than talent

no offense

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