Sunday, May 24, 2009

Voyage, Voyage

Your mission should you decide to accept it:

Listen to the song by Desireless. Write a comment with words you're able to recognize.

I'll start with the title itself:

Un voyage = a voyage / trip

[Voyager = to travel]

This video was suggested to me by vitorfvalente from Youtube


Anonymous said...

this vid is really dark & creepy
and that girl needs to find something other than a lawn mower to cut her hair and also

take responsibility for the hole
in the ozone layer

Oh yeah...Remy's mission:

vivant? = alive
devant = in front of
nuit = night
jamais = never
regard = look

that's all. 2 yrs of study &
i still suck at french. boo hoo

Rémy said...

All correct.
I'll add that it's:

La nuit (fem.)

Le regard (masc.)

Anonymous said...

Ok, here we go - after 4 months of learning French :)

- des nuages - clouds

- des vents - winds

- des idéas fatales - fatal ideas

- regarde l'ocean - look at the ocean

- plus loin que la nuit (something)? le jour - farther than the night ??? the day

- et jamais ne reviens (not sure about the conjugation) - never come(s) back

I have caught a few more words, although, I am not completely sure about those.

Thank you, Rémy, for the assignment. :)

Rémy said...

un nuage (masc)

le vent (masc)

une idée (fem)

un océan (masc)

plus loin que la nuit et le jour
(beyond night and day)

et jamais ne revient
(and never comes back)

Very good!

Anonymous said...

Wow that was very hard, I picked up nothing other than what was said in the other comments - I have my French exams tomorrow there is no hope!!!

Le Pays de Galles

Anonymous said...

I found

regarde look
jamais never
revient return?

( my spellings are so bad and Im just a beginner)

P.S i have been studzing NOn serious for about 4, 5 months and about to indulge in it now as I dont ahve a chance of having Any social life wihtout french here in geneva :(

Kyle said...

Haha. J'aime cette chanson, mais je déteste le coup de coiffeur.

Rémy, merci pour tous les videos. Ils m'aident apprendre la langue.

Kyle de Californie

Rémy said...

Hey there Kyle

I do agree that the 80s haircut looks like some sort of a vacuum cleaner attachment brush :)

Rémy :)

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