Friday, August 14, 2009

Facebook or no Facebook. That is the question...

I'm getting more and more requests to add a Facebook page but I'm not really familiar with the site and concept.
I'd welcome your input on what might be the advantages for me and you or if you think it's at good idea in the first place :)


Anonymous said...

Pourquoi pas? I got an ID on Facebook primarily to access Coffee Break French. I like their discussion forum. Maybe it would be good for you to provide a FAQ section to alleviate answering the same question(s) a bazillion times...(?)

Samuel Shoesmith said...

Bonjour Rémy,

Ça va ?

I think getting Facebook would be quite a good idea! It is another way to collect together your students and like the person above said the discussion forums can be very good.

Once you've decided whether to get Facebook or not you've then got to decide whether you want a fan page or a group. I'm not a fan of fan pages and prefer groups, but the decisions is up to you.

J'éspere parler à bientôt,

Samuel Shoesmith

Rémy said...

Thanks Samuel. Good to hear from ya!

Raj said...

Bonjour Rémy,
Thats a great idea. You will find many people wanting to learn French. You could also start a group and post all the videos there.
let us know if you decide.

And thanks for all the wonderful videos. They help me a lot.

Rémy said...

Thanks Raj for your input :)

ladamamika said...

useless site u benefit more from "youtube" and not many ppl would find u there (facebook) like they do on "youtube"...u can do all the things and more on "youtube" and you dont have to complicate things its a very dry site and not very clear on how to navigate your options and you will find urself talkin to urself on the message board...anyway hope this helps?

renata said...

i dont have any idea what facebook is if you stop using you tube tell me please.

Carlos said...

I agree with most of you. Although Facebook is a really good social network, it's probably not the right tool for us (people who want to learn French). I post messages on FB for my friends, but in reality, the system seems to be a little bit odd. I prefer Youtube, as some of you alredy mentinoed. Anyone can access it, do search, find you... without needing an account.


-- Carlos R.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it`s none of my biz, but I was listening to the news while driving recently, and they say "facebook" is one of the major sources where people are having their identity stolen. You have to put out some information about yourself that I had felt uncomfortable about doing so I deleted myself from the site within a few hours. (always the bringer of good cheer) :-(


Annie said...

Salut! Comment-allez vous? Je vais bien.
I think you should make a Facebook. As you mention in your videos, we learn languages to communicate. This could help French-learners communicate via Facebook and inquire about the grammar and pronounciation, etc. You would also be able to post the videos on YouTube onto Facebook, so I think that FB would help us to learn a lot.

Merci beaucoup!

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