Thursday, August 6, 2009

TRYO-Serre moi

This video was suggested by smithbrooklyn

Tune your ear to the following:

Serre moi = hold me
Embrasse moi = kiss me
Mon ange = my angel
Le ciel = the sky
Ton corps = your body
Tes ailes = your wings
Ton dos = your back
Revenir = to come back
Partir = to leave
Donne moi la main = give me your hand
Le coeur = the heart
Les femmes = women
L'amour = the love
Papillon = butterfly
Une fleur = a flower
Une étoile = a star
bruler = to burn / brulant = burning
Les larmes = the tears
Le sang = blood
Les amants = lovers
Reviens moi = comme back to me
Le vent = the wind
Les enfants = the children
I y a = there is / there are

Serre moi jusqu'a etouffer de toi = hold me/squeeze me 'til I'm smothered by you

Encore = again / more


Anonymous said...

The im translator website is of no assistance and I'm a little afraid to ask but I don't get this line:
j'irai crucifier ton corps

Rémy said...

"I will crucify your body"

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