Saturday, September 26, 2009

Esk Vs. Kesk

Here a question from Baiba who lives in Latvia:

Hi Remy!

Je suIs Baiba. J'ai dix-huit ans. J' habite en Letton.

Thats all i can say in French.
so far French has more similarities with latvian than it do than with english,
like gender and verb conjugations

I have a question
Are those esk and kesk stand for the same? Can i ask same questions using them?

And here's my answer:

Salut Baiba,

"esk" stands for "is it that">>> "Do you...?"
"kesk" stands for "what is it that">>> "What do you...?"

Est que tu veux manger?
Do you want to eat?

Qu'est ce que tu veux manger?
What do you want to eat?

"That's French for ya!"


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if the
"Qu'est-ce que c'est"
expression might be interpreted differently with the qu' as an abbreviation of qui (who). Does that work?

Rémy said...

Qu' could not be a contraction of qui in this case.

"Qui est ce?"

Who is it?
Who is he?

Anonymous said...

i cant find you tube lessons for #18 and beyond

Matu said...
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