Saturday, May 1, 2010

Methods I recommend

Michel Thomas

Rosetta Stone


ibn ayyub said...

The Michel Thomas method is brilliant. I've found it to be the quickest and easiest.

Anonymous said...

I just left a comment on translating for my tattoo.. could you email me back at

Anonymous said...

Hello Remy
Recently I have started to learn French from literally zero with your videos!(maybe I knew a few words before)
well I wanted to vote in your polls , but I found out that the choices are somewhat not enough for the Q "how many times do you watch each video
because I watch them Once but I replay some parts more than 3 times!
Also I would like to thank you for all your kind efforts for learning whom you don't even know!
I like you to know that your videos are of two purpose for me!! well I'm trying to learn English too :D

Anonymous said...

Sorrrrrry, actually it was "teaching" instead of learning!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Remy,
I'm wondering if you have made any more French Lessons. Are there any beyond lesson19?
They are really helping me with my level of French.


Camila Wolf said...

Bonjour Remy,

Je suis Camila, j'habit au Brásile e j'adore toi leçon.
I would like a lesson about nouns... his, hers, mine, yours, etc...

Please don't stop teaching us.. Its really easy to learn from you.




frances said...

dear remy, i really like your videos. my name is frances (f). how do i say that in french. my nickname is francine

Anonymous said...

Remy, I didn't know anything about french until I watched your videos. You used to say that a clash of vowel together makes a strange sound for french people...

Now I'm trying an website to learn more, and there are some sentences that have that clash of vowel and I don't know if its possible to put the apostophre like you say...

Here is and exemple:
Le café est sur la table.
L’argent est dans le portefeuille.

In that case, what do we do?!?!?
The clash of vowel is weird in every case?

Thanks for introducing me to french.. I wish you get rich by doing it.




Zafer said...

Another really good method is Pimsleur. It's fantastic.

justin said...

Hello Mr.Rémy

This is Justin an Indian living in Swiss for higher studies. I`m like zero in french and try to learn it even I tried couple of method and it didn't work for me. Finally, I found your videos on you tupe and it gives me the confident to learn French, but little disappointment is I couldn't find your lesson after lesson 17. Could you please tell me how I can get your lessons.


LiuYan said...

Hi,I just started using Michel Thomas. They are the first that I found as good as your videos, relying greatly on the similarities with English, and learning by building sentences step by step. Magic. I started French with your videos. They are really great. Then I stopped after finishing yours as I couldn't find better ones. Then I tried some others - theya aren't just as good, till I found Michel Thomas. Thanks for your lessons and I wish you could still make more one day. But you conveyed the idea for good language learning in your existing videos already. Thanks again and keep up the blog.

Adams Kevin said...

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