Sunday, June 27, 2010

Post it notes / Laundry list

Jackson a student of mine, recently asked me to provide a list of items found around the house that he could tag in order to add to his vocabulary.
I'm not a big fan of learning lists but I have used the post-it method myself while learning English and Spanish.

Here's the list:

Lamp = la lampe
Light = la lumière / Turn on the light = allume la lumière / Turn the light off = éteins la lumière.
Comfortable chair = le fauteuil
Sofa = le sofa, le divan, le canapé
Closet = le placard
Cabinet = le cabinet (WARNING: les cabinets is street French for the toilets)
Stove = la cuisinière
Refrigerator = le réfrigérateur
Freezer = le congélateur
Shelves = les étagères
Table = la table
Desk = le bureau
Phone = le téléphone
Power outlet = la prise de courant / le prise électrique
Light switch = l’interrupteur
Light = la lumière
Smoke detector = le detecteur de fumée
Thermostat = le thermostat
Kitchen sink = l’évier / Bathroom sink = le lavabo
Spoons = les cuillères (f)
Knives = les couteaux (m)
Forks = les fourchettes (f)
Plates = les assiettes (f)
Lock = la serrure
Handle = la poignée (le poing = the fist / poignard = the dagger) / Une poignée de main = a handshake
Broom = Le balai (Du balai! = get out of here!)
Mop = La serpillière
Detergent = le détergent
Washing machine = la machine à laver
Dryer = le séchoir à linge
Bathroom sink = le lavabo
Shower = la douche (to take a shower = prendre une douche)
Towel = la serviette
Towel rack = le porte-serviettes
Toothbrush = la brosse à dents
Toothpaste = le dentifrice
Razor = Le rasoir / se raser = to shave oneself
Shaving creme = le crème à raser
Nail clippers = le couple-ongles
Aftershave creme = l'après-rasage
Desk = le bureau
Bed = le lit
Pillow = l'oreiller
Blanket = la couverture
Bed sheets = les draps
Chair = la chaise
Laptop = le laptop / ordinateur portable
Dresser = la commode [No I'm not making this up. Something that is "commode" is "handy", easy to use]

Every time you reach for something that is tagged, read the tag or make a sentence using the word on the tag.
Your friends will think that you may have lost your mind but they may join in the fun ;)
After a month or so remove all the tags. You will be surprised at how many words you will remember :)

Click on the following audio file to hear me read the list. Follow along.



Diane said...

Hey Remy,

I like the list of words. Most of them are diffcult to pronounce, but I could say a few. Yes, I am making up conversations to myself, and trying to put together sentences with words I have learned so far.


Chic Little Shop said...

Hello Remy
Very useful list of the words. I can sort of guess what they mean without English but learning pronounciation is a whold different game(smile) I've been watching your youtue. Very useful and very good. Merci,

from Downunder.

Cherlea Aurora said...

Thnk you very much for the lessons. Its the first time I understand french. I tried live 2 times with different professors and head no luck to understand anything. You are an excelent teacher.
God bless you for giving us your time.

mesunazi said...

Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!


Anonymous said...

thanks, but there was something weird with the text colour, the white text scrolled to the top of the page looks like green font with the "m"s in blue colour
am i right or im colour blind?!?!

Adams Kevin said...

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