Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bonjour, Paris! from Funny Face


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Remy,

i have been watching all your videos. and i have been learning alot. and i have been taking notes while watching your videos.

but anyways, i was wondering if you were going to make any more lessons after lesson 17?


- alex

Anonymous said...

give it up, Remy is gone

Rémy said...

Still very much alive ;-)

Anonymous said...

prove it

Rafael said...

Bonjour Remy!!!
Mon nome este Rafael je ne suis pas amaricain je suis du Brasil!
I hope that what I wrote is correct! Everything I know about french I learned from your videos!
You are a great teacher!Please continue to put them on youtube so I'll be able to learn more from you!
This is my email:

Please feel free to contact me if you want! I'll start french lessons at college because I fell in love with the language! Thank you very much!

papillon2700 said...

Remy!!! does a lesson 18 exists? my notebook is anxious to keep going on learning with you, you´re a great teacher!

Rémy said...


I do indeed intend on making more lessons.

cheaper edmonton deals said...

I really learned a lot about french thanks to remy's blog site. Ciao!

Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot for such helpful videos.
You are definitely a very good teacher.
And with that power comes responsibility! :)
You need to continue teaching French to folks like us who have fallen in love with the language.

I am in Austin, TX and feel like paying you a visit in Dallas to remind you that a lot of folks are waiting for the lessons.

Milino said...

Dear Remy,

You probably tired of all this people asking you to make the next lesson. But you are really great! Thank you very much for what you did so far. Well for not a native English speaker it's fun to learn French in English. Thanx, thanx, thanx!

Rémy said...

I'm don't get tired of people asking for new lessons. I do plan on making many more. I am glad that so many people enjoy my lessons.

cacacacamimimilala said...

Bonjour Remy,

I started my interest in french because of you, and now I'm practicing it by reading complex texts like Le Mond. I'm also watching more french movies, and I found out they are actually really good. Of course I don't understand half of it, but I try.
I want to thank you for all the time you've spend on doing those lessons for us.
I just saw a comment from Rafael, and I agree to everything he said (I'm also from Brasil).
But I'm not going to study on any school, because it's too expensive and my priority is my children learning English first. :)
Do you have any lesson that teaches rules like: "saute-t-il" and all of those "...-t--il". I never know when to use it. And I'm not quite sure what that means.
Do you have facebook?!
Thank you so much.

Rémy said...


Music to my ears :-)

cacacacamimimilala said...

Remy, how can I know if someone is doing something, or if someone does something?
I say something.
I am saying something.

I believe that portuguese and french come from the same origins, and we don't invert sentence like english does. It's a lot easier lol.
And there are many similar words.
Sorry for annoying you with all those questions lol
thank you again.

Rémy said...

No such thing as the progressive tense in French. You just use the present tense but if you really want to indicate that you are in the process of doing something you can say:

Je suis en train de + infinitive verb

Ex: Je suis en train de manger
(I'm in the process of eating right now)

Anonymous said...

Hi Remy,
I was watching your Lecon Dix and I think because Philippines is a country including many many Islands, so it is plural.!!!
Anyhow I love your Lecon(s), but I don't like to login and then leave a message in any website.
~ Nadereh
Thanks for all your wonderful clips as well.

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Alan said...

Rémy, you're a very nice and kind person..Thanks for sharing your knowledge..greetings from brazil..Je suis Alan et je t'aime, au revoir
God bless you!!

Anonymous said...

RIP Remy

Anonymous said...

Remy passed away? How sad. I'll miss him.

Anonymous said...

Remy got tired of cowboys so he joined the French Foreign Legion. He is serving on a spec. ops. team, he is no longer in CONUS.

cruz yanez said...

Thank you for the lessons. I happen to live in Dallas. You have done a great job with the French lessons. Obam requesting more lessons...merci.

Old east Dallas, tx

Rémy said...

Thanks Cruz!

Anonymous said...

How are you?
Hope you are all well.
I learn French from your videos.
Thanks a lots.
You are a very good teacher.
Hope to see you on video again.

Li from Taiwan

Léa said...

Bonjour Rémy !

Your videos are amazing,
Learn french with you seems so easy .. :)

You look like a lot to my teacher in the french language school France Langue ( ) , did you know this place ?
It's a very good school, I learned a lot, you should be teacher there ! :)

Anonymous said...

What happened to your Youtube-videos? :(

Anonymous said...

Where are you, Rémy? I've learnt my whole French from you since I was in high school (now I'm in university, already year 2!) and I've been waiting for you for a few years. Today I just realised that you made all your videos private. How come? :((( I hope you are still alive safe and sound and everything's alright. It is okay if you don't make more videos, but at least I want to watch your old videos because I miss you very much. Please leave me a line if you're alive. I will be waiting for you till you appear again. I still love you!


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